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SK Personal Training offer face-to-face personal training sessions across London and Surrey, which my trainers and I have a real passion and love for. The only downside is that it means we can only train and reach clients in that geographical area. But we don’t need to be in the same space to work out together.

In response to the awful pandemic of COVID-19, we quickly adapted our business model by offering virtual personal training sessions which allows our clients to do home workouts whilst guided by an expert trainer. These have proved very popular since the closures of gyms, and what’s beautiful is the diversity of our new client base, we are training children, parents and even their grandparents, athletes, businesspeople and wheelchair users. With thanks to the likes of Skype, FaceTime and WhatsApp, we can still have LIVE 1-to-1 training sessions.

This move has made a significant positive impact on the business, allowing us to expand our services and client base throughout the country and even internationally. But what makes it great for you too?

  • Train in the comfort of your own home, workplace, park, hotels, holiday, literally anywhere you want.
  • You no longer need to take breaks in your training programme when you have to travel for work.
  • Instead of scrolling through endless amounts of YouTube videos to find the right exercises for you, you can now have your own expert with you, wherever you are in the world, just a click away.

Video training sessions vary depending on your goals and fitness status. However typically a video session will start with a 5-minute warmup, I will demonstrate and warm up with you. We then move onto the main part of the sessions which lasts approximately 35 minutes. I will demonstrate all exercises, then observe and correct your form. You can expect guidance, encouragement and motivation throughout, whilst being reassured that your technique will be correct to avoid at-home injuries. We finish off with stretches and a review of the sessions to discuss progress, how the session felt, what the client enjoyed etc.

If you would like to give it a go for a trial session, get in touch via our contact form.

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