How Coronavirus has made me change my business model


Article by: Sila Kurtoglu

The spread of Coronavirus has halted the world as we know it, and gyms have been no exception. They first saw their attendance numbers dwindle, despite sanitising and cleaning efforts, and then had to close their doors for the last time until this awful pandemic is over. Where does that leave Personal Trainers?

Due to the one-to-one nature of my job, the rules of social distancing, and the fact that I rely on these sessions for my sole income, I have had to adapt my business model and pretty damn quickly.

At the beginning of March, myself and my trainers were ready for business as usual. I then responded to the pandemic by sterilising my equipment after each use and providing my clients with hand sanitiser during our sessions. That kept the business alive for about 2 weeks, but clients started self-isolating and within one dramatic and emotional week we had lost every single client wanting training how we knew it before.

Introducing the shift from face-to-face to a Skype training model.

I feel Skype supports our clients wherever and whenever they feel comfortable to train. It allows us to keep in touch, stay aware of our clients’ needs and provide regular one-to-one workout guidance throughout the pandemic. During the uncertainty of COVID-19 we need to stay active, healthy, and positive. An active body is a healthy mind. And we all need to look after our mental health during these uncertain and somewhat scary times.

Virtual personal training isn’t a new concept, it’s 2020 after all, but trainers and clients will need to adjust during this time of social distancing and isolation.

At SKPT it’s our first week of offering Skype training sessions, and they’ve proved very popular – even busier than usual – but we’ve had to change a few protocols. I suggest to my team – and any other trainer adjusting at this time – to;

  • Keep the routine to baseline moves. Instead of Bulgarian split squats, take it back to standard split squats.
  • If your sessions are usually an hour, make it 45 minutes, if your standard is 45 minutes make it half an hour. You’re not there to give a militant work out, you’re there to offer professional guidance. Keep an eye on your clients form, to avoid injuries.
  • Keep in constant contact with your clients. Clients – you’re adjusting to a new workout too, let us know what’s working and what isn’t. Trainers- use Skype not just for the training session but also to simply discuss the workout. More feedback helps build a better program!

For more information or to enquire about Skype training, please contact me, I’m on hand to help at any time during this pandemic.

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